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After 20 years of development, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical has already become an influential and competitive listed pharmaceutical group. Thanks to the times, the market opportunities brought by the times begin the spring of development of Dongcheng; thanks to all shareholders and partners, the achievements of Dongcheng benefit from everyone’s long-term trust and support; thanks to all the staff of Dongcheng, in the one mind, one direction and one side, Dongcheng is the company of everyone in Dongcheng!

There is still a long way to go, and we must press ahead to achieve our goals! I believe that with the past two decades of hard work, diligence and accumulation, the staff of Dongcheng have more confidence, wisdom and ease. Standing at a new starting point of the history, Dongcheng will always bear in mind the corporate mission of “Base in Orient, Commitment to Health” and continue to advance on the journey to be “Global Heparin Specialist, China’s Nuclide Drug Leader”!